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sity Academy of Arts and Design professor and the father▓ of a child with autism, through the group.Li's so

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y would help th▓em sell artworks and related products."We▓ then could have enough money to cover expen▓ses and reward the painters," she says.Sheltered employmentA bakery on the studio's second floor teaches adults with aut

  1. ism how ▓to make pastries for free.Zhou says they plan ▓to turn the bakery into a sheltered workshop that▓ not only ensures incomes

    for people with autism ▓but also protects them from the outs▓ide world."They're like people who never grow up and don't know social conventions

    ,▓" Zhou says."They feel safe in their comfort zones a▓nd adhere to strict routines. That's why we want to ▓shelter them."The bakers went to Beijin

  2. nd protection, Zhou says."I hope the government can develop solutions to guarantee their wellbeing without us guardians."The▓ group plans to make

    the bakery a model and figure out how much it costs to run."The government will notice and know how to help us."Job optionThough sheltered empl

    oyment is a▓ good option for families who want ▓their children to be protected in workplaces, ▓some parents hope their children can function in o

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rdinary workplaces and explore thei▓r potential to engage the outside world.China's government and NGOs practice supported employment, which gives people with disabilities employm▓ent opportunities to work with peers who don

  1. '▓t have disabilities through vocational rehabilitation and jo▓b coaching.The country plans to cultivate 2,500 job coache▓s for sup

    ported employment by 2020, a▓ccording to China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016▓-20).The NGO Rong Ai Rong Le has been de▓veloping supported employment sin

    ce 2013.The org▓anization first assesses candidates' emotional stab▓ility and communication ability to see if the▓y're suitable, project manager Qu

  2. Zhuo explains▓."About a third of people with autism are appro▓priate for the program," Qu says."Coaches give one-o▓n-one instruction i

    n vocational skills, social propri▓ety and self-care."Coaches then follow them on the job for months to make sure they can handle the work."The w

    hole process averages ▓a year," Qu says."So far, 37 trainees with disabilities have signed contracts with▓ companies."The Beijing-based NGO foun

  3. ded by parents of children with intellectual and development disabilities is a pioneer of supported employment in China."We're striv

    ing to give these vulnerable groups a fair chance in▓ the workplace," Qu says.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q

    R Code to follow us on WechatFormer nanny▓ convicted of killing 2 children in▓ New YorkFormer nanny convicted of killing 2 children in Ne▓w YorkForm

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er nanny convicted of killing 2 children in N▓ew York04-19-2018 17:11 BJTNEW YORK, April 19 (Xinhua) -- A 55-year-old former nanny who stabbed two c▓hildren to de

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ath was convicted of murder Wednesday with the jury rejecting her claim t▓hat she had suffered an "undiagnosed men▓tal illness".Yoselyn Ortega, who ha▓d worked f

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or the victims' family as a nan▓ny for about two years, stabbed six-year-old Lucia and two-▓year-old Leo to death with a kitchen knife in the bathroom of their apartment in 2

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012, whi▓le the children's parents were away.The 12-membe▓r jury found Ortega's defense that she was too insa▓ne to realize what she was doing when she stab▓bed Lucia more than 30 times and Leo five times unbelievable.Prosecutors maintained that Ortega, who was in a financial plight, acted out of jealous hatred of the children's mother, according to local media.The children's father, Kevin Krim, attended the▓ ruling in New Yo

rk Supreme Court, crying when he heard the verdict. The children's mother, Marina Krim, posted photos of the children online after ▓the verdict, writing "I love you" on them.Ort▓ega faces life term when she is sentenced next month.▓ If she had been found not respon

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